Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rock You Like A Hurricane Solo

I think of the greatest solos I've heard is the bridge solo from Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpions. After the second chorus when Klaus sings "ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANNEEE!" and the lead solo guitar comes in and it sends chills down your spine. It has been featured. In 1984 it reached #25 on the USA Billboard Hot 100. It was ranked fourth in the greatest guitar riffs of all time by Sync Magazine and was also featured on Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock.

I haven't learned this solo yet but that's pretty much because I'm missing my high e string on my guitar and I'm waiting to get one.
The best tab I found to the second solo is here.

good luck!

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Literacy 9 at SDHS said...

YO!! Im listening to it right now man!! so yeah nice I really like that solo from the song, can't play it on real guitar so i play it on GH3!! lol